8 Jul - 15 Oct 2005

by Au Kam Tong

Fabrica Features Hong Kong

周日至周四上午10:30 - 晚上9:30

周五及周六上午10:30 - 晚上10:00

Fabrica Features - United Colors of Benetton basement

舞諧玩劇 - 油夢-情色-畢加索



Revolving Montmartre of Picasso

1905, Montmartre, Paris. Inspired by his mad obsession with Fernande Olivier, Picasso began the rose period of his artistic career.

2005, SaiWanHo, Hong Kong. I played the role of Picasso in stage drama "Picasso at the Lapin Agile".

My admiration for Picasso began during the visit of Picasso's hometown in Montmartre, Paris in 2004 as a part of my preparation for the theatre drama "Picasso at the Lapin Agile". During my 5-day trip, I visited Montmartre located in Paris' 18eme arrondissements (18 district). Surrounded by the impressive artwork displayed in the Picasso Museum and Cafe Royal, a place of heavy emotion. Au recalled countless past scenarios in his life and reminded himself the importance of reflecting from the past…

Suddenly my inquisitive feet stopped there, overpowered by flashes of memories from the past.

Day after day with blinkered visions, we repeat our daily routines like robots as we strive to better ourselves.

While we turn a blind eye to everything around us and relentlessly go after what we want, do we ever stop to think, where dose that get us? We are lost.

"To get ahead" can be a chronic poison that deprives life of its luster.

To live is to leave imprints in our lives. Memories of everything we do and everyone we meet, in joy or sorrow, though wearing thin with the passage of time, remains something to be cherished.


Be not afraid to let go. Try to stop and look back on the good and bad times of your life. Embrace the parts of you that make you who you are. Come to terms with yourself. Be sure of yourself.

We supposedly have put everything behind us, but our memories are always safely tucked away in our own revolving merry-go-round that transcends time and space.

Try to slow down and hop on the magical merry-go-round for a soul-searching ride.



1905年,巴黎蒙馬特。畢加索強烈地迷戀著費爾蘭迪-奧莉維亞 (Fernande Olivier),並正式開展他藝術生命中的「玫瑰紅時期」。

2005年,香港西灣河。歐錦棠在舞台上飾演畢加索。為準備角色,於是親身飛往巴黎,嘗試重尋當年畢加索的足跡。在五天行程當中,除了參觀畢加索博物館,感嘆天才的才華橫溢、概念的自由奔放、和作品的鬼斧神工之餘,遇到他年青時留連忘返以至賣畫侑酒的Lapin Agile (阿嬌隻兔仔酒吧)。淺酌輕狂歲月,也到遇見他女兒Paloma Picasso芳影、遙對Picasso Museum的Cafe Royal,追憶兩代的恩怨情仇。











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